Jolene, Dirty Housewife Volume 1

joleneB001This little lady is Jolene! Jolene has brown/blonde hair, is a wonderful MILF at 30 years of age, has D cups (implants), and is 5 foot 1 inch tall! She has brown eyes, is married, a mom, and is a dirty dirty southern belle! I am not allowed to say where she is from, but she is from below the Mason-Dixon line! She is a nurse who has taken to making custom videos for people! Luckily, I found her. What I have here, is some footage she made for others before she met me… and some she made for me. I figured that it does no harm to include the custom videos she made for others on some of her DVDs, as it shows her being honest and true for the camera with and without her husband… who has asked not to be named at all.!

Quick Review:
This video is 16 X 9 formatted, and is chalk full of action! There is oral, facials, internal, fucking, masturbation, Toy DP, LOTS of asshole play, toys, awesome female orgasms, great sexy clothes, and unbelievably dirty talk! This little lady has a rock solid body, great tits, an awesome ass, legs to die for, and one of the dirtiest minds around. I love that she fantasizes for you!!

Full Description:
Scene 1: 23 mins
The first scene starts out with Jolene’s pussy in the camera getting fingered! The first thing you will notice is that she is shaved bald… the second, how the scene goes immediately to her face as she lays on the bed getting licked and fingered from behind. I always love this view because it lets you watch their face, and hear every moan, grunt and breath! She is in a red and black corset and thigh high leather boots! She is moaning pretty hard into the camera and swearing! She tells him she wants his cock in her, so he gives her what she wants! We watch up close as he pushes into her from behind! She starts to rub her clit as her husband rails her from behind. They decide to show her off a bit more and she starts to play with herself by fucking herself with a vibrator to a really cool orgasm! You have to hear how into this she gets! Especially when she cums! (see pic) This is a HUGE orgasm! She then starts to suck his cock while still fucking her pussy with the toy and moaning until they stop so he doesnt cum too soon. She starts to fuck herself with another toy as we get a close up from behind and watch as he plays with her asshole until she cums hard again. She asks if he wants to fuck her, and I screamed out “YES!”. Apparently she wasnt talking to me because she started blowing him again…lol She blows him opened mouth for a bit, letting his cock go to the back of her mouth to her throat (see pic) before closing her hand around it (and mouth). He starts to fuck her again from behind as she moans and swears.She is an animal at this point and just wants his cum. He slips his thumb in her ass and it drives her wild causing him to blow his load deep in her pussy! She tries to push it out for us and even rubs her clit to try to force it out!…lol Great fucking scene… what a hot introduction to this smoking hot MILF!!

Scene 2: 23 mins
The next scene starts in Jolene’s bedroom where she talks for a small bit and shows off her body in her yoga pants and really hot shoes! She rubs her pussy through her pants as she talks to you with her legs spread. She strips off her pants and starts to rub her clit inside her thong! She moves it to the side and lays on her belly and plays with her pussy from behind… saying naughty things the whole time!(see pic). We get lots of angles as her husband is filming this for us.. She double finger fucks her pussy while breathing heavy… and even spanks it a little! She crams her finger in her ass and fucks it a bit right in the camera for you. (watch her legs and feet as she does this!…lol) She spreads her legs and starts to fuck herself with a red vibrator. She talks the whole time.. but in a good way… she is whispering dirty things to you! She fucks herself pretty well with this to a nice orgasm! Her pussy is SOAKED after! She breaks out a small and powerful anal plug vibrator and starts to fuck her own ass with it. She moans and grunts as she only fucks her asshole! She then adds the red vibrator to her pussy and starts to fuck both holes at once and asks for you to fill her mouth with your cum. (see pic) She pushes both toys hard and starts to really work them until she cums really really hard! (with her mouth open to catch your cum! She then shows off her soaked used pussy to you! Smiles and tells you a little about it!!

Scene 3: 6 mins
The next scene starts with jolene on her knees, skirt hiked up to her waist, and she is sucking her husband’s cock. She looks right into your eyes as she does it… as well as talking to you with that so unbelievable dirty mouth of hers! You can hear all those great blow job squishy noises (and her moans) as she blows him right into the camera! She strips off her top and moves forward in just a thong! She is going to fucking town on this thing, huge suction, gasping for breath… the whole nine yards here people! I have heard a lot of women talk about how good of a bj they give… the proof is here! He blows his load in her mouth and on her chest! She lets it dribble out of her mouth and down her chest (see pic)… even showing you what she had in her mouth! (see pic). She is actually amazed (and you will be too) at the amount of cum that is all over her! He must have really enjoyed her masturbation earlier!!!!

Scene 4: 25 mins
The Final scene starts with Jolene masturbating in a bra, white zip up shirt, white thing, and white thigh highs! (see pic) How would you like to come home and see that in your bed??!! She strips off her panties and starts to rub and taste and finger her bald pussy. She starts right in with her swearing and dirty talk! She tells her husband to taste her pussy, and next thing you know she is holding the camera on her own face as she jerks him off and he eats her pussy. He takes the camera back and she starts to blow him! She (looking like she does in that picture) look right into the camera as she does it. She then bends over and exposes her asshole and pussy to the camera, gently rubbing it on his shaft. She sits on his face, but not before squatting over the camera! Then we get a view of her filming herself with a camera as he licks and sucks her labia. She actually sits on his face, pushing her ass down on his face too! We get some pretty neat angles with the camera she is holding. He fingers her asshole while licking her clit and she cums hard! She goes back to blowing him after several oral orgasms. She mounts him reverse cowgirl and we get a great view from behind as she squeals, moans and grunts from being fucked finally!. He even makes her spread her ass cheeks so that you can see her asshole! She then grabs his cock from above and jerks him off all over her pussy and asshole! (see pic of just before she pulls it out to jack it!)!

This is a fucking fantastic first video! This lady really REALLY enjoys her sex. So much so, she does this on the side just because she normally spends so much time having sex and masturbating anyway! You just have to love a woman that is that into sex! She has a fantastic body, a great personality, and I love that her husband just lets her go and be herself! She sets up plots ion her head and enjoys the fantasies with you. I am not sure how she does it, but it is something special. She isn’t hoaky about it at all… so it makes it almost believable! This is going to be a great fucking series… so strap the fuck in! (oh & Enjoy!)…lol

Run time: 77 mins!

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