Stephanie – Volume 5 – Spy Cam 1

StephB005This is Stephanie and John. They live in the Denver, Colorado area. Stephanie is bi, 25, 5’3″, weighs around 105 pounds, has brownish blonde hair and works as an administrative assistant for a local CPA. John is 29, 5’11″, weighs 190 pounds and works for a national investment bank. I found these two in the newsgroups as well. They were also a part of another site that allows people to post pictures, like the newsgroups, until it became a pay site due to download…even for those that post. They have never sold a home video before. I got several 8mm tapes of raw footage from them as a package. This was absolute real footage. I do have to sub title the videos they sent in “A Whore in the Bedroom” though…lol As this is what 90% of the men out there dream of, a professional woman who turns into a whore with a VERY nasty mouth in the bedroom! You have to hear the things she says in this video while she is being fucked!….lol

This is probably as close as you will ever see us get to a “hidden camera” video. The reason I accepted this is because she found out after the first hour was done taping that he was running the camera during their little sexcapade and continued to do another hour right after…lol We normally do not take hidden camera videos under any circumstances, but I happen to know we cannot get into trouble for this one. Now, this is a great voyeur video! There is oral, both male and female, sex in multiple positions, some serious slut talk, great orgasm, and again, this is her in her natural state. Because she didn’t happen to know the camera was running, you get to see if she was acting for the camera in the past few videos (Hint – she wasn’t…lol) This is a great hidden camera / voyeur video! Done in that beautiful Night Vision we all like here!

This video begins with a little 3 minute history of our dealings with John. He tells you about the first time we talked, through exchanging the first videos for cash. He proceeds to explain a bit about Stephanie and why she allows him to do this to her! I always like to hear people say good things about the site! Plus John is frigin hilarious! After this we go right to work. They are in a hotel room and Stephanie begins blowing John. Now this blow job lasts about 15 minutes. They stop and joke a bit, take some drinks here and there, but this girl makes love to his cock and balls with her mouth! (see pic) We come to John’s turn to perform a little oral. This is unreal. Like everything he does, he goes all the way with this. He literally bends her in half and starts spitting in and on her pussy, licking her ass, and tongue fucking her cunt! When he flips her ass in the air and starts finger fucking her with 3 fingers, she starts going nuts. She really starts with the fuck talking and yelling. She actually tries to get away because it feels too good, so he pins her down and finger fucks her until she comes to a screaming orgasm…wohoo!

The next scene brings us back to her blowing him for a couple of minutes before he bends her over doggie style and starts to slam the shit out of her. He starts slapping her ass (HARD) and pulls her hair as leverage while seeing how much he can make her scream with every thrust. (see pic) He goes back to chasing her across the bed while triple finger fucking her and calling her names…lol She returns the favor with a few choice “fuck my Pussy” phrases. He pins her down again and just mercilessly abuses her pussy with his hands…lol (see pic) They go back to fucking again for a bit as they both verbally abuse her…lol Then we have a nice long BJ scene where she takes the time to lick his balls and rim him for a good 5 minutes. Of course she tongue fucks his ass a bit, then climbs on top! (Can you imagine her breath the next morning?…lol)

The next scene is her riding him and him slapping her tits and yanking on her nipples. (See pic) I mean he starts pulling and pinching her nipples so hard I truly expected one to come off in his hand. Although you can tell she’s in obvious pain, she doesn’t ask him to stop, and ends up screaming and cuming as a result of the harsh nipple abuse! At that point they are off to the races. They both talk about how he is going to cum inside her, and she begs him to…so he does! They both yell during this part too. Now I don’t know if anyone was in either room next to them, but if they were, they were probably thinking one of two things. Either they are killing each other in there…or Man I wish they were video taping that!…lol

The final scene has them at John’s house fucking on the bed. The camera is on a night stand and you get to see him nail her doggie style. He picks up the camera and makes her hold her pussy open while he pulls his dick out and slams it back in. She queefs every single time he does it. It is awesome!…lol After explaining how he is going to whore her out, she climbs on top for a ride. After fingering her and making her lick her own slop off his fingers, she begs him to cum in her pussy…so he does!…lol

This is another great video of these two. I mean if you like fuck talk and hidden camera videos…. If you are a voyeur at heart and like to see videos that prove no acting, this is your video! She talks like a drunken sailor’s whore all through this. When I say they scream and yell…I mean it!…lol It seems our little Stephanie has not been playing to the cameras, but rather holding back. The minute she thinks one isn’t on her she goes frikin wild. Worse mouth, louder screams, and it seems she is into a bit of pain as well! Great great video. I always enjoy John’s videos!

Run Time: 66 mins

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